Statement of Faith

We Believe:

  • In the Bible as the inspired, perfectly correct and authoritative Word of God.
  • In one God, holy, infinite and sovereign, the Creator of all things, who exists eternally in three distinct persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • In the virgin birth, the sinless humanity and the atoning work of the Lord Jesus Christ, who as very God, became a man, and through His bodily death and resurrection, has provided forgiveness of sins, reconciliation with God and eternal life for all who believe and receive Him.
  • That man’s nature was corrupted by Adam and Eve’s disobedience in the Garden of Eden and thus every person is in need of regeneration and renewal by the Holy Spirit.
  • That man’s salvation is a free gift of God’s grace and all who repent of their sin and by faith commit their lives to Jesus Christ are born again of the Spirit, sealed and indwelt by the Holy Spirit the very moment they trust Christ as their personal Saviour.
  • In Christ’s Lordship of the Church – made up of born again believers who are identified with Christ in baptism and remember Him in the Lord’s Supper (Communion).
  • At physical death, the believer enters immediately into eternal, conscious fellowship with the Lord. Conversely the unbeliever awaits the judgment of God.
  • Jesus Christ will come again, personally, visibly and bodily for His church, preceding His coming to set up His Kingdom in power and glory, to be the judge of all mankind and to reign in everlasting righteousness.
  • Christians are called to witness for Christ, preach the good news of Christ to all nations and to study God’s Word, through the power of the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to bring us to maturity in Christ.